SIFA 2016

5 20 pistoia

XII Conference of the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy (SIFA)

5-7 September





The XII Conference of the Italian Society of Analytic Philosophy
(SIFA) will be held at UNISER in Pistoia, a charming medieval town in
The Conference is open to all topics and themes in the analytic
tradition, and will host three special topic symposia.




Alva Noë (University of California- Berkeley)
Sarah Buss (University of Michigan- Ann Arbor)

Keynote Address Speakers

1. Philosophy of Language: Maria Baghramian (University College Dublin)
2. Epistemology: Annalisa Coliva (Modena/UC-Irvine)
3. Aesthetics: Stacie Friend (Birkbeck London)
4. Philosophy of Action: Jennifer Hornsby (Birkbeck London)
5. Logic & Philosophy of Science: Edouard Machery (University of Pittsburgh)
6. Philosophy of Law: Massimo Renzo (Kings College London)
7. Ethics: Paulina Sliwa (Cambridge University)
8. Political Philosophy: Peter Vallentyne (University of Missouri)
9. Philosophy of Mind: Hong Yu Wong (University of TĂĽbingen)
10. Symposium on Time: Sven Rosenkranz (ICREA, Logos, Barcellona),
Stephen Torre (Aberdeen)
11. Symposium on Music and Auditory Experience: Jerrold Levinson
(University of Maryland – College Park), Christopher Peacocke
(Columbia University)
12. Symposium on Libertarianism and Equal Opportunity: Hillel Steiner
(University of Manchester), Peter Vallentyne (University of Missouri)
13. Symposium on Medicine and Mind: E.M.Kingma (University of Southampton)

The SIFA invites contributions for the following PARALLEL SESSIONS:

1. Action Theory
2. Aesthetics
3. Epistemology
4. Ethics
5. Logic & Philosophy of Science
6. Metaphysics
7. Philosophy of Language
8. Philosophy of Law
9. Philosophy of Mind
10. Political Philosophy

The SIFA invites contributions for the following SYMPOSIA:

Invited Speakers: Sven Rosenkranz (ICREA, Logos, Barcelona), Stephan
Torre (Aberdeen)
Organizers: Elisa Paganini and Giuliano Torrengo (The Center for
Philosophy of Time, Department of Philosophy, UniversitĂ  di Milano)

Things move and change. This truism seems to suggest that the flow of
time is real. However, philosophers disagree on whether reality
possesses any genuine dynamic feature or whether dynamism is a
reducible, if not illusory, aspect of reality. Lately, a series of
articles and books have revived a priori and a posteriori arguments
for (and against) both positions, and have elaborated new ones. The
workshop aims at gathering original contributions to the ongoing
debate on the issue.
Contact person: Giuliano Torrengo (

B.Music and Auditory Experience
Invited Speakers: Jerrold Levinson (University of Maryland – College
Park), Christopher Peacocke (Columbia University)
Organizer: Elvira Di Bona (The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute /HebrewUniversity)

The symposium aims to investigate the nature of musical experience and
how it differs from auditory experience in general. Some of the
questions that will be tackled are: to what extent does musical
experience diverge from auditory experience? Is there something unique
that characterizes musical experience? If yes, how can we describe it?
The objective of the symposium is to gather original contributions on
the current debate.
Slots for contributed papers: 2/3
Contact person:

C.Libertarianism and Equal Opportunity
Invited speakers: Hillel Steiner (University of Manchester); Peter
Vallentyne (University of Missouri)
Organizer: Ian Carter

Description: A number of recent works in political philosophy have
focussed on the compatibility of libertarian premises with some sort
of substantive equality of opportunity. In particular, so-called
“left-libertarians” have
tried to demonstrate the compatibility of full self-ownership, and of
private property rights more generally, with the egalitarian
distribution of natural resources. To what extent have they succeeded
in this theoretical endeavor? Is a regime of property rights the best
way to equalize social freedom? Are natural resources the appropriate
distribuendum for egalitarians? How far may libertarians restrict
inheritance or gift giving in the name of equality of opportunity? How
far do the prescriptions of left-libertarianism coincide with those of
luck egalitarianism?
Slots for contributed papers: 2/3
Contact person: Ian Carter (University of Pavia); email

D.Medicine and Mind
Invited speakers: Elseljin Kingma, (Southampton and Eindhoven),
Cristina Amoretti (Genova), Patrizia Pedrini (Firenze)
Organizers: Elisabetta Lalumera and Alessandro Pagnini
Description: The workshop addresses conceptual issues in the
philosophy of medicine and psychiatry, such as the nature of disease
and of mental disorder between facts and values, and normative versus
biomedical models of explanation and classification.
Slots for contributed papers: 1/2
Contact person: Elisabetta Lalumera (UniversitĂ  Milano-Bicocca),

Submissions will be blind-refereed and selected on the basis of
quality and philosophical relevance.

Contributed papers will be scheduled for a 40-min presentation
(including discussion).


Abstracts must be written in English and be prepared for blind review,
with all self-reference and personal data suppressed. Abstracts should
indicate the title of the paper and the parallel session for which it
is submitted.

Please submit an abstract of 300 words, and a long abstract of no more
than 1000 words (references included).

Long abstracts should not only contain the position defended or the
issue discussed, but also indicate the outline of the argument.

•Submission is made through the EasyChair website (see Guidelines below)*.
•Short abstracts will be inserted in the EasyChair submission page in text
•Long abstracts will be uploaded as files in either .doc or .pdf format.

Please select only one parallel section during submission.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION is June 15th (now closed)
Notification of acceptance is expected by July 10th

Participation in the conference is subject to a registration fee and
to the payment of the SIFA membership.

If paid BEFORE August 1, 2016:
50 (conference fee) + 50 euros (SIFA): faculty
30 (conference fee) + 25 (SIFA) euros: others
If paid AFTER August 1, 2016:
80 (conference fee) + 50 (SIFA) euros: faculty
50 (conference fee) + 25 (SIFA) euros: others

Early registration will be open on June 1, 2016 at the SIFA website:

Conference fee includes: registration, conference materials, and
refreshments for the coffee breaks.

NB: the conference fee does not include the conference dinner.
Registration and payment for the conference dinner will be available
as a separate option on the registration page in due time.

UNISER – UniversitĂ  di Pistoia
Address: Via Pertini, 358, 51100 Pistoia PT
Telefono: (39) 0573 358261

All inquiries concerning the submission of abstracts should be addressed to:

•Deadline for submission: June 15th
•Notification of acceptance: July 10th
•Registration opens: June 1st
•Early registration deadline: August 1st


The Conference site is the Polo Universitario Ippolito Desideri (UNISER)
The address is: Via Pertini 358, Pistoia.
• Segreteria Uniser tel. 0573 368291

How to reach Pistoia

There are two international airports near Pistoia: Pisa and Florence.
It is possible to reach Pistoia from both airports via train, bus or taxi (it takes approximately 40 minutes from Florence and 1 hour from Pisa).
Aeroporto Internazionale “Amerigo Vespucci” di Firenze
Aeroporto Internazionale “Galileo Galilei” di Pisa

The trains along the line Firenze-Lucca-Viareggio are fairly frequent. All trains stop at Pistoia Station.
From Florence: Firenze Santa Maria Novella Station (approximately 40 min)
From Pisa: Pisa Central Station and Pisa Airport Station (approximately 50 min)
From Prato: Prato Central Station (approximately 20 min)
From Viareggio: Viareggio Central Station (approximately 50 min)

Trenitalia Information Service: 892021
Trenitalia website:

On the A11 “Firenze-Mare” motorway there is an exit for Pistoia.
From Milano: take the A1 motorway (direction Firenze); at the “Firenze Nord” junction, take the slip road to the A11 “Firenze-Mare” motorway (direction Pisa).
From Rome: take the A1 motorway (direction Firenze); at the “Firenze Nord” junction, take the slip road to A11 “Firenze-Mare” motorway (direction Pisa).
From Genova: take the A12 motorway south; at the Viareggio-Camaiore junction take motorway to Lucca, and then join the A11 “Firenze-Mare” motorway (direction Firenze).
From Livorno: take the A12 motorway north; at the “Pisa Nord” junction take the A11 “Firenze-Mare” motorway (direction Firenze).

[Traffic Information Service: 892525]

Please click on the following link:

If you arrive at Pistoia via train, you will see that Via Pertini is very close to the train Station.
As soon as you are in the square in front of the station, you will find via Pertini on the left. After about 300 metres, there is the new Library on the right, and then a car park; on the second floor of the yellow building overlooking the car park and Library there are the University lecture halls and the UNISER administration.

If you arrive at Pistoia via the motorway, on exiting the A11 (“Firenze-Mare”) motorway at the Pistoia exit, bear to the left in order to take the road to Modena-Bologna. Shortly after, take the second exit (Pistoia centro); at the first crossroads, you will find the road to Pistoia on the left. Then, after a traffic lights (in the vicinity of a COOP supermarket) there is a roundabout: keep right, pass the Questura, and at the following roundabout take the second street on the right (Via Pertini). You will find the University building on the left, just before the new San Giorgio Library.

• BIBLIOTECA SAN GIORGIO/SAN GIORGIO LIBRARY, with a garden and activities for kids:

For the Hotel Milano, please reserve by Aug. 20

• Other hotels

Special events and arts:
Consorzio Turistico CittĂ  di Pistoia
tel.: 0573 991502
mob.: 331 6350119

Carla Bagnoli, (President SIFA, University of Modena & Oslo), Clotilde
Calabi (University of Milan); Ian Carter (University of Pavia); Elvira
Di Bona (The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute/Hebrew University); Massimo
(University of Sassari), Simone Gozzano (University of L’Aquila);
Andrea Iacona (University of Turin); Elisabetta Lalumera (University
of Milano-Bicocca); Giuliano Torrengo (University of Milan).

We would like to thank the UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Firenze, Polo
Universitario Uniser. The Symposium Time is Sponsored by Fondazione
Cariplo & Regione Lombardia, under the auspices of The Center for
Philosophy of Time, Department of Philosophy, UniversitĂ  di Milano.
The Symposium Medicine and Mind is sponsored by BIOM.