First SIFA Conference - Genoa 1994

Roots of Analytic Philosophy - Genoa 1994

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You will find here all the papers of the first Conference of the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy (see also:

Most papers are in Italian (or translated into Italian), which now sounds very strange given that all latest conferences of the Society are in English. However, coming back on the first conference we may find it interesting to see the kinds of topics treated,  sometimes obsolete, sometimes in anticipation of what is discussed today.

The volume of the conference  (published by Casa Editrice ERGA РGenoa) is out of print; the volume was published with a floppy disc (!) with a searchable database. In the nineties, it was something new, thanks to  Giovanni Sarbia (who later became  manager Adobe/EMEA)

All texts have been recovered by  Sandro Balletta ( FINO PhD student) from one of those floppies and put in .pdf for easy reading. If you find some mistake in a paper of yours you may write to <>

Mauro Barberis, Vincoli e strumenti. Sulla filosofia analitica del Diritto.
Sergio Bernini, Teorie della credenza e teorie del linguaggio
Guido Bonino, Preistoria della filosofia analitica: la teoria delle finzioni di Bentham
Andrea Bonomi, Tense, Reference and Temporal Anaphora
Roberto Casati & Achille Varzi, Basic Issues in Spatial Representation
Roberta De Monticelli, Coscienza e conoscenza tacita